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Dear guests,
The O-live chain is Israel's first rural resort chain. Our rural hospitality comprises many styles including boutique hotels, vacation villages, wood lodges and up to boutique villas, from the Sea of Galilee to the Mediterranean, the Golan Heights to the south, the chain is spread through Israel's leading and most beautiful spots.
The chain's resorts offer a variety of hospitality options at differing price levels, thus allowing a price range in which everyone can find the proper choice.
Whether a trip, business, romantic or family vacation, we at O-live will match you the right holiday and do our best to make your stay pleasant, making your vacation the best you could ask for.
We go to great lengths to accommodate you in pleasant, comfortable and clean rooms, with hearty personal service so that we'll always be your first choice when vacationing.
It is important for us that every guest will enjoy his or her stay at one of the chain's resorts and we do everything possible to meet these expectations, to allow you a pleasurable, unforgettable experience.
We hope you'll enjoy again the chain's services and accommodation and we'll be glad to see you again at one of our resorts.
Amit Porat O-live chain CEO

About Us
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