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Olive Gilboa Mountain

The elegant Olive Gilboa Mountain, which was developed on the site of Mt. Gilboa’s artificial ski slope, is part of the Olive Hotel Chain’s “Exclusive” brand. Situated on the heights of Mt. Gilboa, it overlooks three valleys – Valley of the Springs, Harod Valley and Jezreel Valley. The hotel, designed to please lovers of breathtaking landscapes, features 42 rooms, ideally suited for an amazing vacation for families with children, couples looking for a romantic interlude and friends yearning for a holiday at a prestigious, pampering hotel. As though the amazing vistas of the Valley of the Springs and Harod Valley weren’t enough, the hotel provides a unique view of the landscape to guests bathing in its luxurious swimming pool. The concept of the Olive Gilboa Mountain was inspired by the biblical story of King Saul, his royal family and King David, who succeeded Saul to the throne. Paying homage to these Old Testament heroes, one of the hotel suites was named after King David and the other after Jonathan, one of Saul’s sons. The hotel features an abundance of attractions in the spirit of this concept - tours, RZR trips and an observation point overlooking the enchanting Old Testament landscape.

Address:Nof Gilboa, Gilboa Regional Council

Hotel phone: 972-4-9577333

phone number for orders: 972-4-9531153

Email: gillboa@olivebb.com

15 stylish Classic rooms are located in the hotel’s impressive villas. Each contains a pampering double bed, and spacious bathroom. The rooms are private, but all enjoy the facilities of the communal compound of the villa in which they are located.

2 Classic rooms, located on the swimming pool level, are suitable for no more than a couple.

8 Superior Pool rooms, located on the swimming pool level, are suitable for a couple, or for a family holiday.

15 Superior View rooms, located on the top floor, are suitable for a couple, or for a family holiday. Rooms in this category feature a private balcony offering breathtaking views of the three local valleys.

The Olive Gilboa Mountain has two beautiful villas, each with spectacular views of the Mt. Gilboa landscape. Each villa, which can accommodate up to 20 guests, offers eight air-conditioned stylish bedrooms, each with shower room and WC. Each also features a communal space comprising a living room, and dining area.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel swimming pool overlooks the landscape of the three local valleys. There also is a pool for toddlers.

Kings Garden, the hotel’s banquet facility is an exquisitely beautiful events garden, ideal for special events for individuals and groups, and definitely for unforgettable weddings. The events garden, situated at the edge of Mt. Gilboa, makes for an experience that cannot be forgotten!

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