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Pelech Harimmon

Pelech Harimmon is a romantic suite hotel located at the Artist Quarter in Safed. The Safed Olive Hotel is situated in the midst of breathtaking views of the Upper Galilee offering an intimate atmosphere and beautifully designed modern suites and zimmers. Nearby are the attractions and special sites of universally famous Safed renowned for its spiritual, magnetizing atmosphere. Once in Safed, it is easy to fall in love with it. From the tombs of the just and the Artist Quarter to the ancient city and old-style neighborhoods, this city is surrounded by green forests and clear air that enters deep into your lungs. Blending with the hypnotizing setting of the city Safed Olive Hotel offers a luxurious hosting experience for lovers and couples that seek high-standard vacation without missing out on a perfect atmosphere, landscape and treats, and a selection of hikes, activities and attractions that complete the experience and are perfect fit to everyone. A romantic getaway in Safed The suites of the hotel at the heart of the Artist Quarter are part of the surrounding nature and enjoy plenty of natural daylight pouring in. Outdoors you may overlook the views of the beautiful Mount Meron while indoors – enjoy a stylish, elegant design with specific and unique features that characterize each suite. The luxurious suites contain pampering sofas, armchairs complete with footstools, classic dining area, spacious Jacuzzi, well equipped kitchenette, large bed and bathroom with the complementary items blending among the pieces of furniture, painted walls, carpets and ambient light fixtures. Each suite has a private balcony overlooking the magnificent mountains of Safed. This is the ideal place to get away from day to day hustle and bustle, take a break and get some peace and quiet.

Address:Arlozorov 55, Safed

Hotel phone: 052-6400084

phone number for orders: 04-9531153


This suite is all about red – a red leather couch with two cozy white wicker armchairs opposite.

You will be welcome by elegant crème colors, soft spotlights, an elegant leather sofa and a cozy armchair complete with LCD TV and a round coffee table.

This is a retro junior suite bringing together past and present. The walls are adorned with rhythmic striped wallpaper and the living room is dominated by a white, pampering leather sofa and a matching armchairt

With regal wallpaper, blue leather sofa and rich light-blue curtain, Olive Junior Suite is complete with a white dining area and an equipped kitchenette.

On the top floor of Pelech Harimmon Olive In Hotel there is a large-size, elegant 70 sq m suite overlooking the alleys of Zefat.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers spa treatments for hotel guests and a double experience of treatment that goes straight to the hotel guest room and gives them a pampering experience and a little rest for the soul and soul. Treatments must be arranged in advance in front of the reception.

Cafe Rosenthalis is a cafe that serves the three hotels of the chain in Safed, where you can always drink a cup of coffee to enjoy the art exhibition of Moshe Ronzetlis and get information about what to do in Safed. Breakfast is also served.

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ליל שבת  בפלח הרימון
ליל שבת בפלח הרימון

מבצע לליל שבת - כניסה החל מהשעה 18:00 (זמין עד 30/06/2017) ליל שבת החל מ499 ש"ח לזוג על בסיס לינה וארוחת בוקר

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