Olive Kineret

Along the slopes of the Galilee mountains, nestled in Galilee’s peacefulness, surrounded by nature, the chirrups of birds and rustling of leaves accompanies your drive from Acco [Acre] towards Tsfat [Safed]. Amirey Hagalil Boutique Hotel overlooks the Sea of Galilee, the Arbel Cliffs and the Golan Heights. If you are looking for a holiday in style near the Kineret, you will be happy to visit Olive In Al HaMayim where you can have a relaxing vacation in well invested, pleasant wooden cabins which are suitable for couples, families and groups, in a country atmosphere. Zimmers as close as possible to the Kineret. The complex houses 10 wooden cabins. In each cabin you will enjoy an air conditioning, spacious living area, TV, separated double bedroom, top sleep gallery with mattresses, toilets and shower, well equipped kitchenette with a dining area complete with a fridge, microwave oven, hotplate and electric kettle. The crowning glory is a wooden balcony overlooking the Kineret and surrounded with bushes, trees and wide lawns. A dream come true.

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