Rosenthalis Boutique Hotel

Rosenthalis hotel combineslots of old with new: This is a brand new hotel but unfolds an experience that only in the ancient cities like Safed and others can be experienced‫.‬ The building where the hotel is located We have chosen for you an authentic old stone building, located in Hanasi Street in the artists quarter of Safed. It rises uphill instead of spreading to the sides, so that the rooms and suites are located on different levels and connected by external stairs. Thus, every guest gets his privacy and quiet. Located between the rooms there is a small garden, in which the plants were planted only recently and therefore are still young. The garden adds a dash of color and greenery to the old stone building. Between the rooms you have a lovely balcony overlooking the hills of Galilee view. Mosaic-topped tables invite you to go out of the room to the porch and drink your coffee there in the morning (and then go and have your breakfast in the charming café)‫.‬ When an ancient city and art connect At Rosenthalis We wanted to emphasize the unique character of the city of Safed and assemble the components together. Besides the antique look, Rosenthalis hotel salutes as well to the artistic side of Safed. First of all, it is located in the artists quarter of the city where you can wander between the ancient houses, to discover in an inner courtyard one gallery after the other. Secondly, the hotel is named after an Israeli painter who had done well abroad and the country, and is now experiencing again artistic success - Moses Rosenthalis. Throughout the hotel and in the cafe you can enjoy the works of the painter hanging on the café walls. The artist created both in Jaffa and in Safed (take notice of the similarity between them ...). Today, Moses Rosenthalis is honored in Israel as well thanks to an exhibition in the Rosenthalis House in Jaffa and thanks to Olive Resorts, which brought it back to the public eye and presents his works with much respect in the special arched cafe and throughout the hotel at all. The rooms – a connection of old and new You will find that the hotel rooms harmoniously intertwine the antique and the new. The flooring made of painted tiled with a variety of shapes and oriental style decorations alongside espresso machine in the kitchenette, retro armchairs next to a big TV-screen TV, a modern glass shower and special pavement at your feet. Anyone who loves the combination of modern and authentic, ancient and new, a spectacular view and an intimate atmosphere undoubtedly will be able to enjoy his desired holiday at Rosenthalis hotel.

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