The White House Hotel

The White House Tel Aviv Hotel, the Olive Hotel Chain’s vanguard property when considering a vibrant, high-spirited urban holiday, offers guests the experience of a pleasant and pampering hospitality experience complemented by a central location in the heart of Tel Aviv, on Dizengoff St., with all this entails. The hotel, situated alongside Dizengoff Sq., features a variety of room types, great opportunities for enjoyment in Tel Aviv and ideal access to everything the city can provide.

A bit of history: The modern architecture that developed in Tel Aviv led to the creation of a unique urban center unlike anything else in Israel, or even the world. The principles underlying this type of construction had a great influence on the character of the urban landscape and, in fact, determined the traits of what has come to be known as "The White City” as they are today. The structure now known as The White House Hotel was inspired by the White City and designed with meticulous care, in legendary Bauhaus architectural style, as evidenced by the building in which the hotel is located - from the well-designed entrance to the spacious balconies overlooking vibrant Dizengoff St.

The hotel breakfast is served at an adjacent restaurant and is not kosher.

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TLV 88 Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv

Developed as an up-to-date, well-designed boutique hotel in an original, preserved Bauhaus building on the Tel Aviv beachfront, a minute away from the beach and at arm’s length from cultural, shopping and entertainment compounds in the city, the TLV 88 is an exciting hotel offering personal attention. It is different from anything to which you have grown accustomed!

Our rooms are spacious and air-conditioned, featuring high beds and pampering orthopedic mattresses, well-appointed bathtubs, 32” LCD screen and private Jacuzzi in the rooftop suites. The design of the hotel gives the impression of a beautiful ship, sunsets are breathtaking, the beachfront promenade is enticing for romantic walks or for beach sports activities. Located but a few steps from the sea, a winning location just opposite Bograshov Beach, TLV 88 offers a hospitality experience you will never forget.

Chef Yuval Fachler’s Salva Vida restaurant is situated in the TLV 88 Hotel. The restaurant features a rich, diverse Mediterranean bill of fare and a cocktail bar on an international level. Hotel guests are treated to breakfast at the restaurant, which is not kosher, free of charge.

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Olive Nahariya | Business Hotel

The Olive Hotel Nahariya, a business hotel located in the heart of the city of Nahariya, offers you an unforgettable experience in hospitality in one of the most beautiful and attractive areas in the Western Galilee region. Located near Nahariya’s train station, the Olive Nahariya is situated above the city’s new Arena Mall, from which access to the hotel is easy and comfortable. Peace and quiet intertwines with vibrant activity in the hotel, which has been outfitted with spacious, comfortable, beautiful well-equipped rooms of discerning design, guaranteed to indulge you with ultimate pampering and provide you with the serenity every soul needs, while offering access - in the hotel or only a short walk away - to an abundance of attractions in a wide range of styles, for people of every age.

In addition, you’re sure to be impressed by the hotel’s well-designed lobby, which showcases temporary exhibitions by artists from northern Israel. Ga’aton Blvd., in the city center, is but a short walk from the hotel. Known to every Israeli, it is an enjoyable venue featuring a large number of restaurants, cafés, pubs, high-quality shopping emporia of various kinds and the sea. The hotel, which is accessible to people in wheelchairs, has a kosher restaurant.

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Olive Shani Jerusalem - Coming Soon

The Shani Hotel is one of the Olive Hotel Chain’s urban properties. Located in the heart of the city, between Hillel and Shamai streets, two of Jerusalem’s central streets, it is just a short walk away from the vibrant Old City (where the Western Wall is a focal attraction), the famous Ben Yehuda St. pedestrian mall, Machane Yehuda Market - vibrant during the day and bustling with enjoyable nightlife and young revelers - the Nahalat Shiva quarter and colorful, prestigious Mamilla Blvd.

Hotel guests are able to choose a vacation with friends that is teeming with life, a night in a romantic city with their significant other, a family holiday designed for with touring and visiting points of interest, or a high-quality, interesting company bonding interlude. The hotel is four stories high, with 50 beautiful well-appointed rooms.

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