About Ourselves

The Olive Hotel Chain is a hotel chain devoted to offering guests looking to go on vacation, the freedom to choose from among a wide range of possibilities, according to their personal needs and preferences.

In order to do so, we have created a wealth of options for a perfect vacation and have devoted the greatest attention to each and every detail, with only one thought in mind - creating the ultimate vacation experience for everyone, for every season!

The chain, which started out as a management chain for rustic vacation properties, has expanded in recent years to include hotels in other holiday categories, and now it offers the public at large the freedom to choose precisely the vacation that suits it.

In order to be in a position to offer a broad range of options, we have developed hotels differentiated one from another by place, distinct content and the vacation experience.

The chain’s clients can choose between a holiday in a village and one in the heart the city of Tel Aviv, between a romantic weekend to a holiday interlude with friends, between an art-themed vacation to one with a focus on wine.

We promise to offer our guests a high-standard vacation and to take total responsibility that they will receive the precise vacation they want.

All our employees have signed our service manifesto, in which we promise to offer our guests the best possible service and to be at their beck and call whenever needed.

About Ourselves

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