Galilee Romance - Upper Galilee - Mitzpe Harashim and Old Peki’in

Mitzpe Harashim 

Type: Panorama; Hiking on foot.

Information: Open throughout the year.

About the Route: The road connecting the lookout point ("Mitzpe”) to the parking area runs for about 200 meters and is concealed in the thick vegetation. The entire Galilee region comes into view from the lookout point - from Mt. Meron and until the Mediterranean Sea.

How to get there (via Waze): Harashim. The Mitzpe Harashim parking area is located a few meters before the entrance gate, and the path, heading north, begins there. (There are no signs, so you’ll just have to search for it).

In addition: If you want to put together a hiking route, continue walking from the Mitzpe by way of Harashim, for about three km., until you get arrive at Peki’in, where you can wander.    


Old Peki’in

Type:Hiking on Foot; Food

Information:Open throughout the year; picnic; coffee kit.

About the Route: History and special people gathered together in Peki’in, and you are invited to wander through the ancient amorous lanes, where you’re sure to find romantic places and excellent food. 

How to get there (via Waze): Peki’in

Food en route: The Breakfast Club - Shavei Tzion. Peki’in boasts a number of restaurants, and one unique restaurant set in a cave.

Galilee Romance - Upper Galilee - Mitzpe Harashim and Old Peki’in

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