Family & Xtreme at the Ramin Plateau

Sidkei Yiftakh

Type: Extreme; Hiking on Foot.

Information: Open autumn, spring, summer.

About the Route: About 800 meters back & forth. Walk from the parking area along a well-kempt path, from beyond the old quarry until the beginning of the extreme activities area. Once there, those that want to be observers can do so, while the others can descend and climb the ladders that have been put in place. Keep an eye on your children.

How to get there: Drive along the Yiftakh-Manara section of Road #886, two km. north of Kibbutz Yiftakh, until reaching the entrance to the military base.


Via Ferrata - "The King’s Highway”

Type:Xtreme; attraction.

Information:Open throughout the year; entrance fee; must be booked in advance.

About the Route: Israel’s first Via Ferrata was named "The King’s Highway,” a play of words on the name of the late Nir Melekh (”melech” is Hebrew for "king”), after whom it was named. An on-site plaque (in Hebrew) memorializing Melekh, reads: "…a dear friend and professional, who fell to his death in 2006 amid preparations for an Xtreme activity in Keshet Cave.”

What is a Via Ferrata and whom does it suit?

Via Ferrata, which is Italian for Iron Road, is the term used to name a mountainous hiking path that requires a combination of technique, assistance and security and that enables hikers to climb vertically with the aid of stakes and ladders while secured by a steel cable that stretches the length of the route. The local version is a two-km circular route. It is suitable for children from the age of 8, guiding is by professionals and all safety and climbing equipment is provided.

How to get there: Near Kibbutz Manara - details provided when booking the activity.

In addition: Walking shoes are a necessity, as is the ability to walk along steep paths.

For further information and reservations: Yoav - Tel: 054-6746440.


Xtreme Slides - Manara Cliff

Type: Xtreme.

Information: Open throughout the year; entrance fee.

About the Route: The slides (for visitors four years and older) are located at the Manara Cliff’s lower station, at the exit from Kiryat Shmona. The lines may be long on Saturdays and Jewish/Israeli holidays, so try to arrive in the evening (the slides operate after nightfall too). The experience and the adrenalin rush are worth the cost of admission.

How to get there (via Waze): Manara Cliff - Lower.

In addition: You also can take the cable car and look out over the valley - and also stop off for other Manara Cliff activities when they are open.

Food en route: Buza food & ice cream compound at Goma Junction; hummus at Kfar Giladi.


Landscape Road - Naftali Hills

Type:Touring by Car.

Information:Open throughout the year.

About the Route: About 10 km.

How to get there: The Naftali Hills landscape road begins about 300 meters north of the route, continuing until Kibbutz Kfar Giladi. The route features observation points, picnic areas, a section that runs underneath the Manara cable car, a pine forest and views of the cliffs of the Ramim Plateau and Hula Valley. The road is suitable for all vehicles, and the views from it is breathtaking.

In addition: During spring, cyclamens carpet the ground along the route. When the route comes to an end, near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, visitors may continue on foot until the Statues Garden.    


Tel Hai Courtyard - Path of the Wounded

Type:Israeli Heritage; Hiking on Foot.

Information:Open throughout the year; entrance fee; must be reserved in advance.

About the Route: A circular route - about two km.

How to get there: The Tel Hai Courtyard, on the western campus of Tel Hai College, featuring a multimedia presentation, museum and nighttime oil lamp tours.

In addition: The Kfar Giladi chicken coops route - boutiques, Udiz Beer Brewery and fascinating tours of Kfar Giladi’s British Mandate-period hiding place for weapons.

Telephone numbers to book reservations: 04-6951333; 052-2512915.

Family & Xtreme at the Ramin Plateau

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