More & More Water - Tel Dan, Nakhal Snir & the Banias Nature Reserves

Tel Dan Nature Reserve

Type: Water.

Information: Open summer & autumn; entrance fee; accessible for physically challenged visitors; daylight hours.

About the Route: There are a number of touring paths of various lengths in the nature reserve, all of which are suitable for the entire family. It’s worthwhile visiting the antiquities site, as well as the Beit Ussishkin Museum, located at the entrance to the reserve.

How to get there (via Waze): Tel Dan Nature Reserve. It is about three km. east of Hurshat Tal Junction.

In addition: For those hiking south, Beit Ussishkin is the starting point of the Israel Trail.


Nakhal Snir Nature Reserve

Type: Wading in Water; Xtreme.

Information: Open summer and autumn; entrance fee; daylight hours; accessible for physically challenged visitors.

About the Route: About two km. A number of itineraries are available; in some of the pools the water may be knee deep. Some itineraries require climbing a ladder (already in place).

How to get there (via Waze): Nakhal Snir Nature Reserve. Parking; entrance at the HaGoshrim Interchange.

In addition: Allow yourself two hours at least for hiking. There are some enchanting areas, and you won’t want to leave.


Banias Nature Reserve

Type: Hiking on Foot; History.

Information: Entrance fee; open throughout the year; daylight hours.

About the Route: There are two separate entrances to this nature reserve, each with its own points of interest and various circular routes. The Banias Wells route leads to the wells that create the spring, and on the way there are splendid antiquities from the Roman period; the waterfall & hanging bridge route is a somewhat chilly attraction enabling visitors to get close to the Banias’ impressive waterfall, and there is a more difficult route too, which connects both parts of the reserve.

How to get there: To the waterfall & hanging bridge route - the entrance to the reserve is east of Kibbutz Snir, about one km past Snir Junction. Entrance to the Banias Wells route is about 500 meters east of the first entrance.

In addition: The hiking routes by the well tend to be muddy in winter.  A long, special hiking route from Nimrud Castle to the Banias can be put together for hiking enthusiasts. A hike from the Banias along the waterfall & hanging bridge route to the entrance Sha’ar Yeshuv is an excellent summertime activity.


The Eucalyptus Grove - a Path the Length of the Banias

Type: Hiking on foot; Bicycle Path

Information: Open throughout the year; daylight hours.

About the Route: About three km. (not circular). Walk south from the parking area, along a short route to Sde Nehemiah. (If you have an additional vehicle, leave it there). Or you could walk north until Sha’ar Yeshuv, stopping off along the way at a number of lovely places and to bathe in the water. This same route serves as a bicycle path. It is easy to navigate by bike - the path is level and the road quite enjoyable. 

How to get there: The eucalyptus parking area at Banias Spring - follow the signs to the fields about 500 meters east of Kibbutz Amir, then continue following them through the fields for about two km. more.

In addition: Go there in autumn and take the northern route until the poplar grove. You won’t remember that you are in Israel! If you also care to explore the Hazbani River and see the two streams that merge on the other side of the border to form it, drive in the direction of the Village Hotel, where you’ll be able to walk along the beautiful boardwalk fronting the river.

Food en route: The Northern Park compound - Focaccia restaurant, Columbus hamburgers, Aroma Café. Nofit Hermon compound - Bluebus Hummus, Indian restaurant. Kibbutz Daphna pizza bus.

More & More Water - Tel Dan, Nakhal Snir & the Banias Nature Reserves

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