Birds & Blossoming - Hula Valley

Hula Nature Reserve

Type: Nature Reserve.

Information: Open throughout the year; accessible for physically challenged visitors; on-site WC; open during daylight hours; entrance fee.

About the Route: A circular route, about four km. Israel’s first nature reserve. The route includes original swamps and the reconstructed lake. The area is signposted, features explanations and includes attractions like a 600-meter floating bridge and observation tower. Herds of fallow dear and buffalo roam there throughout the year, and during winter the reserve turns into a paradise of birds of all sorts and species.

How to get there (via Waze): Hula Nature Reserve. About three km. north of Yesud Hama’ale Junction.

In addition: If you have a pair of binoculars, don’t forget to take them with you (they can also be rented on site) The visitors center features a beautiful, unique sound & light presentation. During the autumn migration season (October-November) try to arrive no later than 09:30, in order to see the migratory pelicans taking flight.


Hula Lake

Type: Nature Reserve; Attraction

Information: Autumn and winter; accessible for physically challenged visitors; on-site WC.

About the Route: About nine km. You can reach the lake in a number of ways, all for a fee: electric golf cart; bicycle, or by wagon hitched to a tractor. A new visitors center will be inaugurated sometime this year.  Beginning every October and continuing throughout the winter, about 40,000 cranes remain at the lake, and observing them gives you the feeling of being on safari. Of course, there are many other species too that can be seen, and you might also notice a boar wandering about the area. How to get there (via Waze): Agmon HaHula Israel.

In addition: During the winter season it is advisable to book a sunset tour in tractor-drawn wagons in advance, to see the thousands of cranes as they land (don’t forget to bring warm clothing). Fascinating summer night tours are also available when booked in advance.


Hurshat Tal (Dew Grove)

Type: Water; Nature Reserve.

Information: Open winter, spring, summer during the day; entrance fee; accessible for physically challenged visitors; binoculars; on-site WC; birding field guide; picnic.

About the Route: Bathing during the summer in the reserve’s pools. Very few people visit in February-March, when the site is abloom with thousands of anemones that grow alongside oak trees hundreds of years old.

How to get there (via Waze): Tal Nature Reserve.

In addition: Look for the fallow deer with their enormous horns, on the other side of the southern fence. Lots of tasty food for sale every Saturday at Hurshat Tal Junction: jakhnoon; freshly squeezed juice, and soup in winter.

Food en route: Goma Junction - Arburger Restaurant and Asian food. Koach Junction - Tanurin. Kireyat Shmona - Ashbash Restaurant (closed on the Sabbath). Yesud Hama’ale - Hummus Osul.

Birds & Blossoming - Hula Valley

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