Galilee Jewish Heritage - Baram Synagogue

Baram Synagogue National Park

Type: Nature reserve; Jewish heritage.

Information: Entrance fee; open throughout the year; accessible for physically challenged visitors.

About the route: Located a few hundred meters from the parking area,the synagogue, a remnant of Jewish settlement during the Talmudic and Mishnaic eras, is one of the most luxurious synagogues to have been discovered in the Galilee. It features a number of splendid inscriptions and decorated columns. Ceremonies can be performed on site, when coordinated in advance.

How to get there: Baram National Park - situated close to Moshav Dovev, adjacent and east of Route #8967.

In addition: Tour the remains of the Arab village and the still active Maronite church in the reserve. Continue along an easy route in [the] Biram Forest, which blooms in autumn with an abundance of crocuses, and an abundance of mushrooms in winter.

Galilee Jewish Heritage - Baram Synagogue

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