Galilee Jewish Heritage - Peki’in Synagogue

Peki’in Synagogue 

Type:Jewish heritage.

Information: Open throughout the year.

About the route: The synagogue in Peki’in is impressive living testimony to the existence of very early Jewish settlement in Peki’in, from the time of the Second Temple. The site was destroyed by a number of earthquakes down through history, and renovated a number of times. The current synagogue is maintained and cared for these past decades by Ms. Margalit Zinati, a descendant of one of the Jewish community families that have lived in Peki’in for thousands of years.

How to get there: In Old Peki’in - continue from the entrance to the settlement, straight to the synagogue. 

In addition: Visit the Zinati House Jewish Center, Peki’in.

Food en route: Peki’in – a number of Galilee-style and Druze restaurants. Sasa - Buza Ice Cream in the Visitors Center. Acre - Hummus Said; Mercato and Uri Buri (both not kosher).

Galilee Jewish Heritage - Peki’in Synagogue

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