Galilee Jewish Heritage - Safed & Vicinity

Old Safed

Type: Jewish heritage; panorama; hiking on foot.

Information: Open throughout the year.

About the route: Old Safed - a picturesque charming city inhabited by colorful individuals and characterized by the depth of Jewish spirituality imbued in it.  Wander through the alleyways, among the colors, sounds and aromas. Visit the Ha’Ari, Abuhav and Maran Joseph Karo synagogues, and the old cemetery where famous rabbis down through the ages are buried.

How to get there: Safed - Keren Hayesod St. Turn left, following the signs to Beit HaMeiri. Continue until seeing a broad, long staircase to the right of the road, leading up to the top of the hill. A large parking area is located opposite it.

In addition: Look for the HaMeiri Dairy near the HaMeiri Lookout Point, to taste the original Safed cheese, much tastier than commercial brands).


Nabratein Synagogue

Type: Jewish heritage; hiking on foot.

Information: Open throughout the year; accessible for physically challenged visitors.

About the route: Part of the Biriya Forest scenic route. The synagogue, similar in appearance to the Baram Synagogue (see below) is located above Dalton Stream.

In addition: The Jewish National Fund has developedEin Nabratein, adjacent to the synagogue, with pleasant picnic areas. If you want to hike a bit farther afield, continue along the route leading down from the synagogue to Dalton Stream, and you’ll reach Dalton Cliff, where you’ll see a quiet secluded corner above the cliffs, with views of untamed Galilee vistas.

Galilee Jewish Heritage - Safed & Vicinity

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