The Nof Gilboa Road

Type: Horseback Tour; Panoramic Views.

Information: Open throughout the year; parking along the way for physically challenged visitors; binoculars; picnic.

About the Route: The route begins a Tel Jezreel Junction and runs for about 24 km., until Ma’ale Gilboa Junction. Points of interest along the way include the Vinya Cohen Observation Point and the Yitzhak Hido Observation Point. Stop for a picnic at the Sha’ar Hazahav parking area. During the months of February and March. you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing blooming of red anemones and other flowers too.

How to get there: Drive along Road #667; entrance is from Tel Jezreel Junction, near the Olive Gilboa Mountain Hotel.

In addition: The Eran & Dubi Shamir Observation Point, named in memory of a father and son that were killed in defense of the State of Israel, is located on Road #667, past Ma’ale Gilboa The view is fantastic, and there are on-site orientation charts too. The Aliza Observation Point, at the entrance to Kibbutz Merav, was developed in memory of Aliza Malka, a young girl who was murdered on her way to her home on Kibbutz Merav. The point looks to the western - the less familiar - side of Mt. Gilboa and looks out over the Arab village of Jilboun - and as far away as the Palestinian Authority city of Jenin.

The Nof Gilboa Road

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