Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

The Sea of Galilee (also called by its Old Testament name – Kinneret) is a freshwater lake in northern Israel’s Galilee region. On the eastern shore is the Golan Heights mountain range and on the western shore is Tiberias the largest city on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is also a vacation and recreation destination with many beaches, camp grounds, hotels and watersport opportunities.

The Kinneret is mentioned in the Old Testament but appears more prominently in the New Testament. Jesus lived in the Galilee for several years during his ministry when he travel between the small settlements on the shore of the lake and in the surrounding hills preaching the word of G_d. Jesus recruited his apostles from the lakeside villages; gave the Sermon on the Mount at the Mt. of Beatitudes that overlooks the sea and walked on water at the Sea of Galilee.


Capernaum on the shore of the Sea of Galilee began as a small fishing village during the Hashmonean dynasty. It is mentioned in all four of the Gospels as the hometown of St. Simon Peter, James, Andrew and John. Jesus is said to have taught in the synagogue, cured a Roman Centurion’s servant and cured a possessed man. Today the village is known for the archaeological discovery of two synagogues built on the same site during different periods. Today visitors can see the ancient ruins of Capernaum within an excavation site where there is also a Late Roman synagogue and the Octagonal-shaped church built above the excavated house of St. Peters.

For details, routs and opening hours of the Kfar Nahum (Capernaum) National Park see the Israel Nature and Parks Authority website.



In the region of Tabgha, on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee, lies the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, the traditional site of the food multiplication story found in all four gospels. The church is most famous for a mosaic of loaves and fishes from the original mid-third century church.

Also located in Tabgha is the site where Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection. Here Jesus bestowed on Peter preeminence over the church (Church of St Peter’s Primacy).

The name Tabgha is a variation on its ancient Greek name, Heptapegon, meaning "seven springs.”


The Mount of Beatitudes

The Mount of Beatitudes overlooks the Sea of Galilee and today is crowned with a beautiful church. The mount is between Capernaum and Tabgha and overlooks the fields of Gennesaret. It was on the slopes of this mount that Jesus is believed to have given the Sermon on the Mount. The church we see today was built in the 1930s and designed by renowned architect Antonio Barhuzzi.


Ancient Fisherman's boat (Jesus boat), Ginosar

The Jesus Boat or Galilee Boat is the name given to an ancient fishing boat discovered in the Sea of Galilee and now on display at the Yigal Allon Museum at Kibbutz Ginosar on the edge of the Sea of Galilee. The boat was found by chance in 1986 when Israel was experiencing a drought and the water-level of the Sea of Galilee had dropped dramatically.

The boat existed at a time when Jesus was living in the Galilee. Fishing boats on the Sea of Galilee are mentioned 50 times in the Bible including an occasion when Jesus went out onto the water in one of these fishing boats. No one can prove whether or not this is the actual boat that Jesus sailed in but it was definitely a boat of the same kind that existed during the same period.

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Yardenit Baptism Site

The Book of Matthew does not describe where exactly Jesus was baptized by John and there are different traditions. Some believe that Jesus was baptized in the Galilee where Yardenit is today; others consider Al-Maghtas on the Jordanian side as the true site and others hold Qasr el Yahud near Jericho to be the true baptismal site. However all traditions agree that the baptism took place at some point in the Jordan River.

Yardenit is one of the traditional sites where Jesus could have been baptized. At Yardenit, where the Sea of Galilee flows into the southern Jordan River, steps and hand rails have been provided so that Christian pilgrims can be baptized in the Jordan River safely.

Yardenit Baptism site website:


The Jesus Trail

The Jesus Trail™ is a 65-kilometer hiking trail in the Galilee region of Israel which connects important sites from the life of Jesus as well as other historical and religious sites. The Jesus Trail™ offers an alternative for travelers and pilgrims to experience the steps of Jesus in a way that is authentic, adventurous and educational by hiking through the rugged and beautiful landscape of the Galilee in Israel.

The main Jesus Trail™ hiking route is 65km and begins in Nazareth and passes through Zippori National Park, Cana, Ilaniya, Kibbutz Lavi, the Horns of Hattin, Nebi Shu’eib, Arbel National Park, Migdal, the Jesus Boat at Kibbutz Ginosar, Tabgha, the Mount of Beatitudes, and Capernaum.

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Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee

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