Ma’ayan Harod (Harod Stream)

Type: Nature Reserve; Water; Panorama.

Information: Entrance fee; accessible for physically challenged visitors; open throughout the year; on-site WC.

About the Route: Visitors can enjoy bathing in the water. The Beit Hankin Museum, home of Yeshua Hankin, a major land purchaser for the Jewish settlement in pre-State Israel, is another attraction. Hankin started to build the house in 1934, when he was in his 70s, and when Olga, his wife, got sick, He started to carve out a burial cave for her close by the house. Olga died in 1942 and was buried in the cave; Yehoshua was put to rest next to her three years later. The entire Harod Valley is visible from the observation point here. On Israeli and Jewish holidays guided visits are available.

How to get there (via Waze): Ma’ayan Harod National Park.

In addition: If you arrive only to find the place too crowded for your taste - here’s a little secret! Just before the access road curves right towards Gordonia, turn left onto a dirt road opposite to which you will see an Israel Electricity Station transformer substation. Stop about 200 meters ahead and bathe in shallow pools that were built not long ago.

Ma’ayan Harod (Harod Stream)

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