Galilee Romance - Western Galilee

Achziv Beach

Type: Nature Reserve; Water; Hiking on Foot.

Information: Open throughout the year; entrance fee to visit the nature reserve.

About the Route: Wander through a nature reserve along a route of about one km, among the remnants of an ancient fishing village and beautiful lagoon pools. Or take a four-km route free of charge, on the boardwalk fronting Achziv Beach, which reaches the area below Rosh Hanikra. You’ll see blue lagoons along the route, and patient fishermen too. This is one of Israel’s most spectacular beaches.

How to get there (via Waze): Achziv National Park, or else drive towards the Achziv Field School along the road adjacent to the sea and start hiking from there.
In addition: Bring along a picnic basket stocked with cold beer or some wine, a blanket and something for shade and you’re in for an ideal experience.

Galilee Romance - Western Galilee

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