Western Galilee Water - Ein Tamir & Ein Khardalit

Nakhal Kaziv - Ein Tamar

Type: Wading through Water; Hiking on Foot.

Information: Open summer and spring.

About the Route: A number of hiking routes of various levels of difficulty are available in Nakhal Khaziv. We recommend two of them, both of which lead to Ein Tamir, a great place for taking a dip during the summer. The four-km route from Maalot to Ein Tamir is considered to be relatively simple even for children to navigate, thanks to the relatively moderate descent. The route begins at the access road leading the Ein Ziv, marked in green. The six-km route from Goren Park to Ein Tamir and the Monfort Crusader Castle begins at the park’s olive parking lot. Follow the trail marked in blue, until Ein Tamir, continue from there along the green-marked route alongside the stream and continue with the trail marked in red until reaching the Monfort. 

How to get there: Drive along Road #89 and turn north at the Western entrance to Maalot-Tarshisha. Continue for half a kilometer along the road descending towards the stream, until the point where the road becomes impassable for cars. Park there. Goren Park is situated on the Northern Road (Road #889).

In addition: There is a narrow tunnel at Ein Tamir, running about 30 meters. Bring a flashlight, enter it and explore the cool, wet tunnel.

Ein Khardalit

Type: Wading through Water; Hiking on Foot.

Information: Open summer and winter; picnic.

About the Route: About 300 meters until the spring. From there it’s possible to continue by wading in the water. Most of the water in the spring is pumped out by Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, but some is pumped back, so that the animals in the area will have water to drink.

How to get there: Ein Hardalit parking area - Road #8911. Turn right onto a rough road marked in green. Drive one km until reaching the Mekorot facility.

In addition: The meaning of the Hebrew word "Hardalit” is a fast, raging flow of water cascading down from a mountain. However, all that exists nowadays is a gentle flow through which it is fun to walk.

Food on route: The 300 Gram Restaurant on Moshav Betzet; The Ethiopian Experience in Evron.

Western Galilee Water - Ein Tamir & Ein Khardalit

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