Attractions & Extreme Activities in the Western Galilee

Rosh Hanikra Cable Car

Type: Attraction; Panorama.

Information: Open throughout the year; entrance fee; accessible for physically challenged visitors.

About the route: A steep descent via cable car followed by a 200-meter walk takes visitors to the grottoes, a wonderful natural phenomenon that change colors depending on the time of year. The grottoes are beautiful in particular during stormy weather, with waves breaking powerfully on the rocks. There also is an on-site sound & light presentation, restaurant and bike rental option.

How to get there (via Waze): Rosh Hanikra Cable

In addition: The grottoes are accessible by kayak too, from Rosh Hanikra Kayaks, a unique and especially challenging way to arrive.  Tel: 052-3798610; 04-9857461. And also by means of Trek Yam speedboats. Tel: 04-9823671.


Keshet Cave - Adamit Park 

Type: Lookout; Extreme; Hiking.

Information: Open during daylight hours throughout the year; accessible for physically challenged visitors; on-site WC.

About the Route: About 500 meters in each direction. The path, marked in green, leads to a rock arch that was formed by the collapse of part of the cave’s ceiling. Two lookout points are located along the route, from which views of the entire Western Galilee and the Mediterranean Coast, from Rosh Hanikra to Haifa, can be viewed. During winter, an innumerable number of cyclamens can be seen blooming among the rocks.

How to get there (via Waze): Admit Park.

In addition: The park offers a number of short hiking itineraries adjacent to orchards, additional lookout points, and antiquities, as well as a non-circular route that begins on the road leading up to the park and is marked in red. On cold, windy, winter days a 30-meter rappelling experience can be booked, into the cave, Guy Alon, rock climbing and gliding instructor - Tel: 052-4501039.


Yehiam Fortress - Tour by Oil Lamp, with Visit to Malka Brewery

Type: Panorama; History; Attractions.

Information: Open throughout the year; entrance fee; accessible for physically challenged visitors; telescope; coffee kit.

About the Route: The structures at Yehiam Fortress have survived from the Crusader and Ottoman periods. Yehiam Fortress offers views of verdant Nakhal Yehiam, and it is possible to tour its rooms, defense posts and turrets. 

How to get there (via Waze): Yehiam Fortress National Park.

In addition: When booked in advance, a special, authentic escape room adventure operates at the site.  Tel: 077-2308338. Along with a visit to the fortress, it’s worthwhile stopping off at the Malka Brewery, to have a drink on its landscape verandah and observe the process of brewing premium Israeli beer. Tel: 04-9856101. 

Food en route: Rosh Hanikra’s Tzuk restaurant. The meat restaurant as Moshav Yaara.

Attractions & Extreme Activities in the Western Galilee

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