Lookout Point & Heritage - following fighters

Mt. Adir - Monument to mark the Second Lebanon War.

Type: Panorama; Heritage.

Information: Open throughout the year.

About the Route: About 200 meters. An impressive lookout point for viewing the expanses of the Upper Galilee and South Lebanon. The lookout point was developed in memory of the Israeli soldiers that died in the Second Lebanon War, and nearly all the areas where battles took place can be seen from it.

How to get there (via Waze): Adir Mountain.

In addition: A short hike to the Pa'ar Cave is an activity suitable for the entire family. The cave is located about 100 meters south of Road #899 (the Northern Road), 1.7 km. west of Sasa Junction and about 3.5 km. east of the entrance to Moshav Mattat. A very short walking path surrounds the cave area. An unmarked parking area is located opposite the cave on the other side of the road.

At nearby Moshav Mattat the studio of Artist Yuval Telem is open to the public. Telem, a blacksmith working in iron, creates extraordinary furniture and works of art and offers seminars when booked in advance. If you arrive in the area on a Saturday, you’ll be able to enjoy as wonderful view at Café Rushka, located above Telem’s studio, and which the artist and his pastry-chef wife operate on Saturdays only (Make sure not to miss this). Tel: 054-4371414/5.


Hurfeish - The Shrine of Nabi Sablan

Type: Panorama; Druze Holy Site (Dress modestly and behave in an appropriate fashion).

Information: Open throughout the year. (If you’ve requested a talk by the sheikh, it is customary to leave a donation); binoculars; picnic.

About the Route: The shrine is located at the summit of Mt. Zvul, and from the lookout point there you can view a landscape stretching from Mt. Adir and Bint Jebil in South Lebanon, to Ma’a lot to the west. You can enjoy a detailed talk on the site from Sheikh Qassem Badr, who maintains it, when booked in advance. Tel: 052-6744948.

How to get there (via Waze): The Shrine of Nabi Sablan, Hurfeish.

In addition: Below, in the village, traditional Druze dining specialties are available, and you can visit the monument to Druze soldiers.

Food en route:Hurfeish - Sambusak Ha’arazim; Sasa - Buza Ice Cream in the Visitors Center.

Lookout Point & Heritage - following fighters

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