Hot Springs and Baths around the Sea of Galilee

Hamat Gader

At Hamat Gader,situated south-east of the Sea of Galilee, you will enjoy a relaxing, coddling treatment attractioncoupled with activities for the entire family.

The renowned Hamat Gader hot springs compound features pleasant spacious pools filled with therapeutic water bubbling up naturally from the belly of the earth and refilled every few hours. The first baths on the site were created about 1800 years ago by the Roman Empire, which ruled the Land of Israel then. The temperature of the flowing water remains constant at 420C throughout the year; bathing in them is relaxing and pampering, and is very important for the human body. In addition, there are treatment rooms at Hamat Gader, manned by a team of professional practitioners.

Hamat Gader also is known for its crocodile farm - about 120 of different species that come from all over the world. Along with crocodiles, the farm, developed to replicate the semiaquatic reptiles’ natural habitat, houses gharials and caimans, all living in harmony. A tour of the farm includes walking along a wooden bridge that runs directly through the reserve, enabling participants to visit the crocodiles up close and see how they live. You can also observe the dedicated staff taking care of the animals and feeding them. (Check feeding times in advance).

In addition: Ten-meter-high spiral splash pools (from the age of 10), cold-water pool, water fountains for the entire family and a fish lake where you can catch carp and St. Peter’s fish by yourself and prepare them outdoors, for eating.


Tiberias Hot Springs

The hot springs of Tiberias Hot Springs were documented for the first time during the period of the Flood, and down through the ages they served as a magnet, drawing people to them from all over the world.

Tiberias Hot Springs is a spa and holiday site on the Sea of Galilee shores, famous due to its constant flow of mineral-rich thermo-mineral groundwater at a temperature of 600C, with properties that contribute to healing and relaxation for body and soul. The water reaches the surface from the belly of the earth, cooling as they rise up, to 37-380C. The site features a variety of thermo-mineral pools, swimming pools and saunas.

There is also a spa at the site, set in a pleasant, quiet space and offering a variety of massages and other healthful treatments by certified practitioners, under medical supervision. The practitioners - like those that have worked at the site for thousands of years - use natural products rich in salts and minerals.

In addition, you can set out on a Sea of Galilee cruise directly from the newly built boat docking area at the site.

Hot Springs and Baths around the Sea of Galilee

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