Olive Nahariya | Business Hotel

The Olive Hotel Nahariya, a business hotel located in the heart of the city of Nahariya, offers you an unforgettable experience in hospitality in one of the most beautiful and attractive areas in the Western Galilee region. Located near Nahariya’s train station, the Olive Nahariya is situated above the city’s new Arena Mall, from which access to the hotel is easy and comfortable. Peace and quiet intertwines with vibrant activity in the hotel, which has been outfitted with spacious, comfortable, beautiful well-equipped rooms of discerning design, guaranteed to indulge you with ultimate pampering and provide you with the serenity every soul needs, while offering access - in the hotel or only a short walk away - to an abundance of attractions in a wide range of styles, for people of every age.

The hotel dining room serves rich, pampering dairy breakfasts (The dining room is kosher by the rabbinate of Nahariya), a synagogue is available upon request and the new spa compound includes two treatment rooms (link to Spa Tariff)  In the near future a fitness room will be inaugurated at the Arena mall and will be open to hotel guests. It is possible to host a range of business or private events in a number of spaces dedicated to this use - a meeting hall, the enormous terrace tent and the rooftop patio.

In addition, you’re sure to be impressed by the hotel’s well-designed lobby, which showcases temporary exhibitions by artists from northern Israel. Ga’aton Blvd., in the city center, is but a short walk from the hotel. Known to every Israeli, it is an enjoyable venue featuring a large number of restaurants, cafés, pubs, high-quality shopping emporia of various kinds and the sea. The hotel is accessible to people in wheelchairs.

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