Olive Aquaduct Hotel

A hotel located in Regba, the settlement facing Shavei Tzion, in the Western Galilee, the Aqueduct Hotel was so named because of the spectacularly beautiful Ottoman-period aqueduct nearby that conveyed water from Kibbutz Kabri to the city of Acre. On one side of the hotel, rooms overlook the Galilee mountain’s spectacular pastoral landscapes, while on the other, the hotel’s most pampering rooms and suites, which are located there, face the Mediterranean Sea and the fields of Moshav Shavei Tzion. The Aqueduct Hotel combines elements of history, landscape, nature and water.

There are 102 rooms in the hotel, which features a swimming pool in one of the Western Galilee’s most beautiful settings, synagogue and an events & conferences room - all to provides guests with an amazing holiday. A variety of suites is available for guests to select, some of which come with a private swimming pool, private Jacuzzi and spectacular views either facing the sea or towards rustic nature. The hotel has spared no trouble in choosing each and every detail for the well-being of guests, and for only one purpose: to transform your vacation into the holiday of your dreams!

For an additional fee, and when coordinated in advance, hotel guests are invited to enjoy the facilities of the nearby Sandrine Spa, which features a Hammam (Turkish bath); a number of Jacuzzi baths; sauna, and stream pool. Spa visitors are welcomed with champagne upon arrival, and a variety of alcoholic beverages and cocktails are also available free of charge. In addition, the spa grants Aqueduct Hotel guests substantial discounts.

The hotel takes pride in its wonderful kitchen, which prepares pampering breakfasts and addictive breads. If your soul cries out for an indulgent high-level holiday, quality food prepared with no labor spared and Western Galilee vistas, we will be pleased to host you at the Aqueduct Hotel and make sure you enjoy a vacation on the highest possible level!

The hotel provides additional services for audiences that observe Jewish traditions: a candle-lighting area; Shabbat clocks in guest rooms, and Sabbath door keys, all free of charge.

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Olive Gilboa Mountain

Hotel Chain’s "Exclusive” brand. Situated on the heights of Mt. Gilboa, it overlooks three valleys – Valley of the Springs, Harod Valley and Jezreel Valley.

The hotel, designed to please lovers of breathtaking landscapes, features 42 rooms, ideally suited for an amazing vacation for families with children, couples looking for a romantic interlude and friends yearning for a holiday at a prestigious, pampering hotel. As though the amazing vistas of the Valley of the Springs and Harod Valley weren’t enough, the hotel provides a unique view of the landscape to guests bathing in its luxurious swimming pool.

The concept of the Olive Gilboa Mountain was inspired by the biblical story of King Saul, his royal family and King David, who succeeded Saul to the throne. Paying homage to these Old Testament heroes, one of the hotel suites was named after King David and the other after Jonathan, one of Saul’s sons.

The hotel’s reception desk with its welcome station, featuring homemade cold tea, water with mint, a tea and tea infusion section and coffee and cookies, serves as a warm, intimate meeting point for hotel guests. On wintry Friday afternoons hot soup and salep ("sakhlab”) are available too. Friday evenings, a Happy Hour at 18:00 is held for the pleasure of hotel guests, with snacks and unlimited wine. The hotel’s spacious dining room offers self-service breakfast featuring a wide range of dishes, and lunch for groups also can be arranged.


The hotel’s Valley Spa compound offers treatment areas, sauna and a fitness room, so that guests will enjoy a truly pampering experience for body and soul. In addition, the hotel features an abundance of attractions in the spirit of this concept - tours, RZR trips and an observation point overlooking the enchanting Old Testament landscape.

For people interested in booking a special, memorable event, we can offer our King’s Garden events compound overlooking the valley’s enchanting vistas, with a capacity of up to 2000 guests. Also available at the hotel is a room seating 40. In the near future we will be able to offer a conference hall too, an ideal venue for holding conferences, meetings and lectures in a refreshing, professional atmosphere.


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