The Village Villa

This is a beautiful villa which is suitable for up to 21 people (the cost for the entire villa is up to 16 people with extra payment charged for every additional person). Every time we feel like breathing fresh air, seeing green views, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel in the countryside, without having to take a flight, we come to our favorite villa. From here the mighty Gilboa Mountain can be seen from everywhere, the Valley of Springs is stretched out, and the huge villa feels like the home you always wanted in the country.

Olive Village Villa is a different kind of hotel, one that enhances the experience of holiday and provides you with the possibility of choosing your own kind of fun out of a multitude of attractions offered to our guests. Just imagine what it would be like to start your day riding a horse, followed by a challenging jeep tour, taking a journey back through history. So many experiences to be had and everything is ready for you. Village Villa is a wonderful place to escape from the hectic speed of life, relax and give away to peace and calm. When you open the door, you will find out that you are in a Tuscany-inspired villa which is characterized with warm, loving Israeli touches. Wide landscaped lawns and pergolas overlooking Mount Gilboa (look up, it's only sky and green mountains), a clear, engulfing private pool, beautiful tucked away areas which are fun to discover while strolling outdoors, an elegant living room in a lobby with pampering seats where you can put your feet up and have a rest, a central Jacuzzi Spa to take a dip in, and all that in a warm, embracing atmosphere. A home away from home… a place to go back to again and again. The children run freely in the open areas and the parents relax on the edge of the pool or in one of the green areas of the villa. With a cup of coffee in one hand, the thoughts are clearer than ever.

For adventurer and trip lovers, Village Villa is an ideal starting point to various excursions and the overwhelming attractions in the exciting surroundings, such as bicycle tours, Gan Guru Australian Park, energetic ski in Mount Gilboa, jeep tours, air balloons - a winning combination of extreme sports and nature, lots of action and peace.

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Olive In Sea of Galilee

The Olive Hotel Chain’s Olive In Sea of Galilee is the only wooden huts and zimmers compound situated on the Sea of Galilee shores. The compound comprises 13 hospitality huts built of wood, along with a shared green lawn area. Each of the huts features its own wooden patio, with a lake view and is surrounded by trees, well-tended greenery and expansive lawns, along with barbecue placements.
The hut’s sleeping areas are so close to the waterfront, that they project the feeling of a camping vacation, sense of being able to jump into the lake at any time. The only difference is that you’re being hosted in upgraded, pampering conditions. It’s a combination of seaside fun and pleasure, and hours of tranquility and indulgence in your hut.  The beach, by the way, is open to the public at large.
The huts feature a large living room area complete with air-conditioning, TV, convertible sofa with two single mattresses, WC and shower, dining area, well-equipped kitchenette, and a private bedroom area with separate AC. Deluxe and Gallery huts feature a gallery outfitted with sleep mattresses, and the combination of downstairs and upstairs translates into quality family time and privacy for both children and parents. 

The wild Luna Park waterpark is located really close to Olive In Sea of Galilee, and when it is open our guests enjoy entrance free of charge. In addition, pets are welcome when a request has been made in advance and when signed for at check-in. The property does not offer Wi-Fi accessibility.

Olive In Sea of Galilee’s lakeside location and our skilled staff are an ideal combination for families, groups and couples that want to enjoy a vacation in a rustic ambience on the Sea of Galilee shores.

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Dolphin Resort Village

At Dolphin Village, you’ll find the ultimate combination of a green, flowering village and one of Israel’s most beautiful seacoasts.The village provides guests with the ideal conditions for a holiday for couples, families or groups of friends.

The village offers 22 ground-level accommodation units, separated from one another by rich foliage and grassy areas and connected via a network of paths - for a true kibbutz feeling.The rooms have been designed in rustic style accentuated by a sea motif, with elements like conches, shells and starfish interspersed among them, to remind you at every turn that you are but a stroll away from a beautiful seashore. Go for a dive, and you’ll discover that an entire kingdom underwater can be found not only in the Red Sea, but here too, in the Mediterranean, right where you are vacationing.


There is no dearth of vacation and sport activities and attractions at Dolphin Village and in the area adjacent to it. The Green Spa is located within the resort village, with dry sauna, and Jacuzzi for guests to use at any time, free of charge. When booked in advances, massages are available in the guest rooms, and there are outdoor games for kids on the lawn - slides, swings, and more. Guests can also use the outdoor barbecue units, and there is a variety of boxed games on the patio (for use in the winter) and SUP rental.

The hotel is situated on Moshav Shavei Tzion, with its supervised beach about 100 meters from the hotel, where you can enjoy a promenade connecting the moshav and Nahariya, a diving and sailing club, a pub featuring live performances, bike rental shop, café-restaurant and synagogue.

So why are you waiting? Come for a vacation.


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