Are you planning a small, intimate event, either business or personal?
The Olive Hotel Chain is just what you’ve been looking for. A range of enchanting places throughout the country that will stage the ideal event for you - a cocktail party, birthday, commercial launch; quality special events full of chic.
Private Events

Are you celebrating a family event - a bar/bat mitzvah, circumcision or birth, a birthday for grandpa or a class reunion? We invite you to celebrate together with the entire family and your friends, at a hotel that is part of the Olive Hotel Chain.

Conference halls for companies & organizations

Our conference halls are designated for experiential and educational experiences and activities and are ideal for ODT conferences and meetings in a unique atmosphere.

Commercial Events

You’ll find the ideal location at the Olive Hotel Chain to hold commercial events of various types: meetings; workshops and day seminars; brand launchings; cocktail evenings; company parties, etc.


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